About Us

Jenna Kain Photography

10 years in the making

Welcome to Jenna Kain Photography. You may know us by a different name, “Kain’s Photography.” Same great photography, new name. Back in 2005, weeks after our wedding we were given our first DSLR. It was a miracle actually as we had no money to buy a camera. We see this as a blessing from God that fell into our laps. After Jenna’s graduation ceremony from SUNY Oswego in 2006 we went off to shoot our 2nd paid wedding in Syracuse. 11 years later and hundreds of weddings in the books, I am starting something new. We used to be called Kain’s Photography, but as with seasons of the year, there are different seasons of life. I now introduce to you Jenna Kain photography. I will continue to specialize in real life photos capturing weddings and portrait photography. Please contact me today for a personal consultation.